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This page takes you to writings on various subjects including our feature stories and journals. We have made two selection pages classified under Adventure or Cultural Stories.

Adventure Selection

Our selection of feature stories and journal entries will bring you into the passenger seat of our expedition. Combating the elements, mishaps (some humorous), animal encounters, challenging moments and more. Who said sea-kayaking was safe and easy?

Culture & Nature Selection

Our selection of feature stories and journal entries will open your eyes to worlds you never knew existed.  Anecdotes about learning experiences with indigenous peoples (some humorous), interesting characters, environmental, political and social intrigue and more. Away from home discoveries happen every day.


You can read our notes as we move along on our expedition. These are full of impressions and observations and will give you a sense of what we experience daily during our 3 year, 5000 mile paddling odyssey.

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We have many more stories which aren't found in our journals or story selection. For example, from the main page, check the Culture, Survival, and Cuisine Sections.

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Media and Publications

We provide contact information to help you obtain copies of the articles we published or the ones featuring us

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In English

Wilderness Way Magazine January 98 Vol 3 Issue 4 p4 Cover Story
"Irian Jaya, a land of contrast, mystery and adventure"

Wilderness Way Magazine
P.O. Box 203, Lufkin, TX. 75902-0203
Tel: (409) 632-8746

Wavelength Magazine Oct. 98   CASKE 2000 (Feature paragraph)

Burlington Free Press Newspaper   CASKE 2000 (Feature article)

Texas Monthly Magazine   CASKE 2000 (Feature paragraph)

San Diego Tribune Sunday 9/1/2000 Sunday Cultural Section first page
You can read the article on our website by clicking on:
San Diego Tribune, CASKE 2000 Feature Article

Paddler Magazine "Sea Kayaking the Moquito Coast" p62  CASKE 2000 (May-June 2001))

Paddler Magazine "Paddling Panama - Touring Kuna Yala Islands" p82  CASKE 2000 (Nov.-Dec. 2001))

In Japanese

SOLA Magazine Spring 99 Vol. 1 p17 CASKE 2000 Quest

SOLA Magazine Summer 99 Vol. 2 p132 CASKE 2000 (Feature article II)

SOLA Magazine Autumn 99 Vol. 3 p132 Sharks

SOLA Magazine Spring 2000 Vol. 5 p114 Scary Shark Encounter

SOLA Magazine (Nikkan Sports Graph)
Dance on the Ground Ltd.
#203 Utsukushi Gaoka 2-12-7
Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 225-0002
Tel: 045-909-0510 / Fax: 045-909-0875


SOTOKOTO Magazine Dec. 99 #6 p96  "Cacao, The Drink of the Gods"

SOTOKOTO Magazine April 2000 #10 p89 "Mentawai Story"

SOTOKOTO Magazine May 2000 #11 p89 "Mentawai Story #2"

SOTOKOTO Magazine June 2000 #12 p89 "Iguana Catch and Release"

3F., Tsukiji-Jambo Bldg., 7-15-11
Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03 (3524) 9572 / Fax: 03 (3524) 9675


OUTDOOR Magazine Febr. 2000 #203 p68 CASKE 2000 (Feature Article)

OUTDOOR Magazine
Yama-Kei Publishers Co.,Ltd
1-1-33 Shiba-daimon, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 105-8503, Japan
Tel: 03 (3436) 4721 / Fax: 03 (5472) 4430

In French

Martignas Journal 1999 CASKE 2000 (Feature article)


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Big Chalk

Big Chalk is the largest portal for educational resources on the web. It provides materials and links for teachers, librarians and parents as well as exciting and engaging programs for K-12 students. Check out the feature on CASKE 2000 from Jan. 2001. Learn survival skills from JP and Luke, read their journals and see photos of them in action.

Learning Outfitters Inc.

This educational company uses material from expeditions to teach kids in more than 3000 schools. CASKE 2000 regularly provides content for the kids' lessons. At the present, we are preparing material for the 2000-2001 school year!

Explore Magazine

A cutting edge, adventure E-zine and portal, gives the outdoor enthusiast access to the latest gear, the most rugged destinations and thrilling travel writing. "Paddling the Mosquito Coast" May, 2000 (Feature Story by Luke Shullenberger, photos by Jean-Philippe Soule)

Zulu Sports

you can find us in the Kayaking Section
Now Featuring Luke's story and Jean-Philippe's photos: 
"The Cayes to Belize"

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A site dedicated to the most extreme expeditions around the globe

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A site dedicated to Survival. Half of their features come from CASKE 2000

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A site dedicated to Travel Information
It features CASKE 2000 sections on Health and travel information

La Ruta Maya

A site dedicated to the Mayan culture and History of Guatemala
It features CASKE 2000 sections on Guatemala

La Moskitia

A site dedicated to the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. Book Author Derek A. Parent, is also was also a special advisor for the CASKE 2000 team in Honduras Eco Travel in Latin America

A site dedicated to Eco-Tourism and Travel Information in Latin America

South West Kayaks

The site of Ed Gillet, famous for his solo kayak crossing from California to Hawaii. Ed helped us train for the CASKE 2000 expedition

Planet Outdoors

Journals and photos appeared in camping section from Dec. 99 to Feb. 00.


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