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This page is a selection of J-Philippe and Luke's favorite stories.
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A Foot in the Door

02/15/2002 by Luke Shullenberger

Playing Hide and Seek with Sea Turtles

From Tikal to the Altiplano: Ancient and Modern Mayan Cultures in Guatemala

11/25/2000 by Jean-Philippe Soule

Playing Hide and Seek with Sea Turtles

11/15/2000 by Jean-Philippe Soule

Playa Grande, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica "Leatherbacks and Strip Development"

10/29/2000 by Luke Shullenberger

Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos "Beauty on a Budget"

10/26/2000 by Luke Shullenberger

Tasbapounie - "Missing out on the Sea Turtle Feast"

5/14/2000 by Jean-Philippe Soule

Patuca: An Iguana Meal with the Most Hospitable Bandits

4/12/2000 by Jean-Philippe Soule

"Expectations Gone Awry"

9/12/99 by Luke Shullenberger

Sambo Creek "Baila Conmigo!"

6/26/99 by Luke Shullenberger

Snakeman and the Ancient Mayan Medicine

5/15/99 by Jean-Philippe Soule and Luke Shullenberger

Tikal, the Ancient Mayan City of Guatemala

4/24/99 by Jean-Philippe Soule

First Impressions of Belize
"Ya Gotta Talk the Talk"

3/99 by Luke Shullenberger

Divine Intervention at the Dining Table

9/02/99 by Luke Shullenberger

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