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This page is a selection of J-Philippe and Luke's favorite adventure stories.
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Surviving Nicaragua, A Kayaker's Battlefield !

5/05 - "Masochism on the Nicaraguan Coast" (Part 1)
5/07 - "AK 47 Sub-machinegun Armed Robbery" (Part 2)
5/11 - "Forced Paddling with a Sick Stomach" (Part 3)
5/14 - Tasbapounie - "Missing out on the Sea Turtle Feast" (Part 4)
5/17 - "And the Rain Began" (Part 5)
5/21 - "Bluefields to Managua - Do we Have to Portage?" (Part 6)
5/27 - "Dancing with Death to the rhythm of the Ocean" (Part 7)

7/20/2000 by Jean-Philippe Soule

A Hell of a Day to Escape from Hell !

4/11/2000 by Jean-Philippe Soule

The New Rush: Night Kayak-Surfing in Reverse

4/06/2000 by Jean-Philippe Soule

Malaria, Insights on the Traveler's Plague

3/10/2000 by Jean-Philippe Soule

The Biggest Challenge — Documenting
the CASKE 2000 Expedition from Central America

10/2/99 by Jean-Philippe Soule

Poling a "Pipante" Dugout Canoe

9/25/99 by Jean-Philippe Soule

When Nature Calls in Foreign Lands   Rated R !

9/02/99 by Jean-Philippe Soule

Insect Asylum

8/30/99 by Luke Shullenberger

Tela to La Ceiba (8/15-8/19/99),
Electric Storm and Armed Encounter

8/25/99 by Jean-Philippe Soule

Dispelling the Crocodile Myth

7/30/99 by Jean-Philippe Soule

My Fear of Crocodiles & Facing Fear

5/26/99 by Jean-Philippe Soule

The Long Haul to Livingston Guatemala

5/21/99 by Luke Shullenberger

Kite Kayaking in Central America

5/16/99 by Jean-Philippe Soule

A Scary Shark Encounter

3/23/99 by Jean-Philippe Soule

The Rough Crossing

12/10/98 by Jean-Philippe Soule

When the Hunter Becomes Hunted

11/25/98 by Jean-Philippe Soule

Queasy on the High Seas

11/21/98 by Luke Shullenberger

Genesis of a Friendship

1998 by Luke Shullenberger

First Eskimo Roll, Learning The Hard Way

5/25/98 by Jean-Philippe Soule

Irian Jaya A Land Of Contrast, Mystery And Adventure

by Jean-Philippe Soule
Cover Story featured in Wilderness Way Magazine, January 98.


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