Submission Guidelines

How Do I Submit Material for Review?

We are looking for quality, not quantity. Please edit your work carefully. Dispense with images that are out-of-focus, color shift/fade, bad exposure, or obtrusive elements of composition. When you submit work to us, we expect to judge it purely from visual and marketing standards; technical considerations should not be a factor by the time your pictures reach us. The minimum number of photos that you should submit for initial viewing is 150 with a maximum of 300. Organize your initial review submission in a logical manner: you may show us a representative sampling of many different subject areas, but show us in-depth coverage of at least one and please do not include similar images. We only review low resolution digital files from CDs or on your website if you have one). File size should be no larger than 600x800 pixels and no smaller than 330x500 pixels. The files should be saved as JPEG files at quality 10 (photoshop5) or 12 (photoshop6). We also want to see five high resolution scans (between 24 and 55Mb) saved as uncompressed TIF files. These should be color corrected, and saved under the Adobe RGB (1998) ICC profile. Full caption and photo information (location, date, copyright, keywords, etc.) should be inserted in the File information (Photoshop).

Prior to sending your initial review:

We would like you to contact us with with the URL of your website if you have one. Please include the following information: Name, address, phone, fax, email address. Are you a Professional Photographer? (you make 100% of your income from photography), Semi-Professional? (photography pays a portion but not the majority of your income) or Amateur? (you make none of your income from photography). How many years of experience do you have? What work have you produced? How many images would you have available to put on file at this time? How often do you expect to submit new material to the library: monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months? How many images would be in your average picture submission? Are you now, or have you ever been, a contributing member of another stock picture agency? If so, please list those agencies (include all foreign agencies). We will email you back to give you an address to send your submission CD for review. Please be patient as the review process normally takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. We will endeavor to contact you as soon as we have completed the review.

Final Submissions:

We only accept high resolution digital files. For your final submission, we prefer files that are at least 50 Mb (24Mb is our minimum requirement for Editorial usage).

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