Contributor's Guidelines

What makes Around the World in a Viewfinder different?

Thank you for your interest in being represented by Around the World in a Viewfinder ( We represent photographers specializing in the fields of travel, ethnology (indigenous people and minorities), and cultural documentaries. We work on a 50/50% commission basis, with sales, based on collected revenue, paid quarterly (when commission reaches $500).

We seek to market the work of self-motivated professionals who can consistently produce quality images in our field of specialty. If you are interested in becoming a contributing photographer we urge you to first determine if your work is appropriate for us by browsing our website. We want to see life scenes, not just portraits. Around the World in a Viewfinder is a highly specialized agency. If after browsing through our site you still feel that your material will meet our quality standards and subject relevancy, please send us a sample submission and we’ll be happy to review your pictures.

Why should you be represented by Around the World in a Viewfinder?

Large agencies such as Corbis might have thousands of dedicated customers, but with millions of photos on file, they do not cover our subject in depth. Around the world in a Viewfinder is a young photo agency focusing on a very specialized market. This market might be small, but it is out of the large agencies' reach because the few photographers who spend the time and energy to cover the most remote regions of the world are reluctant to see their work mixed with thousands of generic photos. Large agencies work the numbers and so do their successful photographers. The travel specialists work differently. One assignment might take months and only produce a few hundreds marketable photos. Because of our specialty, we do not expect photographers to submit thousands of photos every year. We work with smaller numbers and focus on quality. Your photos will not be forgotten in a pool of work from thousands of other photographers. Our aim is to distribute the best specialty photos in our industry. To do so, it is in our interest to establish good long term working relationships with our photographers. By joining us in our infant stage photographers have the opportunity to establish with us a relationship that would not be possible with large companies. We intend to keep our agency small and photographer-friendly. We are not seeking many photographers covering the same countries or ethnic groups (exceptions can be done for large countries with numerous ethnics like India and Indonesia that could be covered by many photographers without overlapping on each other's work). We're only seeking the best. If you believe your photographs are better than our current collection, please review our submission guidelines.

Note to new stock photographers:

Creating stock pictures is not the same as assignment work and not all professional photographers make good stock contributors. Do not expect overnight profits. Stock is a long-term proposition that pays long-term dividends.

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