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Native Planet
We work closely with the US registered non-profit organization Native Planet. A percentage of all sales from Around the World in a Viewfinder, goes directly to Native Planet and is used to support indigenous communities.


Around the World in a Viewfinder and Native Planet
are co-sponsoring 
the Cultural Photo Documentaries project


Other NGOs
We have much experience working with NGOs including the United Nations. They regularly use our site, photographs and texts. As an NGO friendly agency, we are pleased to offer a 10% discount to all NGOs*. However because of our small size we are unable to provide free photographs, no matter the great cause of your organization.

Services to NGOs
In addition to our  growing library of travel and cultural documentaries we are available for consultation and assignment. Please feel free to Contact us

*Note: (NGOs in the fields of Third World Development, Health, and Education). 

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