Country: Japan   /   Location: Kurume, Fukuoka
Feature: Beauty & Clothing

The Japanese kimono may be beautiful but it is not practical. The tight wrapping restricts women's movements. Women in kimonos can only take small steps. Kimonos are worn with two types of sandals. The geta sandals have a raised heel. The zori sandals seen in these pictures, have a flat bottom. Tabi socks worn by these women have a split between the large toe to accommodate the thong from the sandal.
These furisode kimono are usually worn by young unmarried women. The kimonos may not fit well on young girls. Eleven year old Akari pictured here on the left is having trouble walking. She is not accustomed to having her legs restricted to narrow steps. She also has problems keeping her long sleeves off the ground. Yumi has more experience and walks with elegant control of all her movements, demonstrating proper poise to her protege.

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