Country: Japan   /   Location: Fukuoka
Feature: Beauty & Clothing
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The coming of age ceremony known as Seijinshiki is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of January by all young people turning 20 years old that calendar year. From the seventh century it was originally intended to give young people a sense of rebirth into the society as responsible adults. It was an occasion for women to wear furisode, the most formal kimonos. Today the Seijinshiki look is changing rapidly, and is strongly influenced by young pop stars. Women spend hours and hundreds of dollars to have their hair made and their kimonos fitted. Color dyed perm hair and multicolored shiny nail polish, with a touch of new age makeup contrast much with the furisode and traditional thongs. The changes in the Seijinshiki ceremony represent the actual change of society where traditional and modern culture mix, but the generations don't.

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