ID # kalbeliya71
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Country: India   /   Village: Pushkar
Ethnic Group: Kalbeliya   /   Feature: Music & Dance

"I am Suresh.”
In Western societies being homeless is shameful. But the Kalbeliya Gypsies are proud of their roots and clan. The photo reveals Suresh’s character, proud, and charming.
Although young to be a leader, his clan elected him for his integrity.
Excerpt from the Kalbeliya story: The leader shook my hand and said, “I’m Suresh, come to my home.” We followed him behind a bunch of dried bushes that had been erected as walls. His home was nothing more than a couple of old beds covered with old blankets and pierced plastic tarps set in the middle of the desert... read Jean-Philippe's  full story "Queens of the Rajasthan Desert".

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