ID # kalbeliya65
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Country: India   /   Village: Pushkar
Ethnic Group: Kalbeliya   /   Feature: Music & Dance

Five old blankets and two fixed-up beds: These are the belongings shared by the 20 people of this Kalbeliya clan.
Excerpt from the Kalbeliya story: "His home was nothing more than a couple of old beds covered with old blankets and pierced plastic tarps set in the middle of the desert. Their only protection was a four-foot tall wall of dried bushes. The walls did not really protect them from the wind, but they offered them a little privacy from the dozen or so other clans that lived twenty yards away. No bricks, no adobe, no clay, no wood--there was nothing that looked like a permanent or even temporary home. A bit of earth had been packed in one place to accommodate a small fire pit. A few broken bags on and under the two beds contained all the clan’s belongings."

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