Country: India   /   Village: Jaisalmer
Ethnic Group: Bopa   /   Feature: Portraits

Although most other Indian women do not smoke, Gypsy women are not shy and they do as they please.
Indian people show less interest in listening to Bopa's songs than they did in the past. Many Bopa Gypsy people follow the path of their ancestors. Most still make their livelihood from music and chants which they perform for small monetary donations. The new generation in India does not appreciate Bopa music or culture. Bopa women are among the most beautiful in Rajasthan and they hope their charms will be enough to sell cheap accessories to the tourists.
This young Bopa mother lives in a ghetto in Jaisalmer. Everyday she walks to the gate of the old town, hoping to sell her necklaces and bracelets. But it is difficult being considered of low caste, and she is not allowed into the old touristy part of the city.

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