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Country: India   /   Village: Pushkar
Ethnic Group: Bopa   /   Feature: Music & Dance

During the Pushkar Camel Fair, Anja and Krishna Bopa spend their days walking through the desert between the camel caravans, offering their services.
Camel drivers hire them for a few coins to hear one of their five-minute ballads. Bopa people sing as a duet, alternating between each rhyme. They depict historical events and cultural facts, and are passed down orally from parent to child for generations.
The Bopa Gypsy people of Rajasthan follow the path of their ancestors. All of them still make their livelihood from music and chants they perform for small monetary donations. Bopa people establish their camps on the outskirts of towns. They travel to Indian fairs and festivals in the hopes of finding enthusiasts of their musical ballads.

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