Who's our competition?


Because we are so specialized, we offer a comprehensive coverage of our subject matter that few other organizations can supply.

But don't take our words for it, we invite you to compare our photos with the industry leaders.

We even list them here to help you do so. 


Corbis and Getty are the two largest photo agencies in the world. 
They represent thousands of photographers and have millions of photos online.

We suggest that you try typing the following keywords in their search engines. 


kalbeliya, bopa, bauriya, bishnoi, megwal, ngobe, embera, wounan, jagua, pech ...


These are some of the Indigenous people we feature in our site. If you are pleased with what you find, then you can buy your photos from them, if not you will be happy to have bookmarked www.jpsviewfinder.com


Why do we send you to other agencies? Because we know that after hours of sifting through thousands of photos marginally around the subject, you will be pleased to return to our site. 
So before you click on these hotlinks make sure your bookmark our page. It is www.jpsviewfinder.com


What about other specialized agencies?

All the ones we know are still covering very broad fields such as general travels. Do you want to check a famous one? Go to National Geographic (also represented by Getty), their work is beautiful, but again, you won't find what we have. How do we know? They buy photos from us. But again we invite you to do a search on their site.


We don't sell just photos...

When you buy photos in other agencies, you only get marginal captions. At A. W. Viewfinder, we specialize in Cultural Documentaries. We know our subjects. Sometimes our photographers spend weeks or months at a time documenting a village or a family. Not only do we provide you with rich captions, but you can also access much more background information about the people, their villages and their lifestyles. Because CEO J-Philippe Soule is also the founder and chairman of the NGO Native Planet, the depth of coverage we offer is unparalleled in the photo industry. Many of our photos posted on this site have links to cultural information on the Native Planet site. Full stories are also available for publishing.


But we shouldn't need words to convince you, just look at our photos and decide for yourself.


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