Jean-Philippe's Recommendations
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People often ask me for equipment (photo, travel, sport), book and travel recommendations.
I started compiling this list of positive reviews for equipment that I use or have used. For the rare pieces of equipment listed here that I have not owned, I have researched thoroughly and would consider purchasing for myself. Although I do link to a few retailers or wholesalers from which I have purchased equipment and been satisfied, feel free to purchase from any retailer you choose. Some of these companies have sponsored me in the past or present. That relationship has had no bearing on my input (expedition sponsors and NGO Corporate Friends are listed on separate pages).

Feel free to email me with any question or suggestion for better equipment. As I spend all of my time doing photo documentaries around the world or leading challenging expedition, I'm always looking for better gear, even I think I already have the best of the best. Contact J-Philippe

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REI, is the leader of the pack in outdoor equipment. I have been a member since I moved from France in 1988 and will never buy gear anywhere else unless it is a very specialized piece of equipment REI does not carry. 

Why? REI offers the best quality for the price. And an outstanding customer service. 

Sometimes I returned equipment after heavy usage because something broke (and no equipment could have not broken), they always fix it for free, change against a new one, or refund it, even years later. The best/worst is their sales, every time I end up with a full cart of things I didn't plan on buying because I couldn't resist the equipment they offered for the money. REI sale their own great products in addition to well priced gear from the best manufacturers. I will soon write a full list of equipment I have bought, used and loved for years. In the meantime if you practice any outdoor sports, camping or prepare a trip, follow these links (upper one to browse, or type the equipment you are looking for in the bottom banner and click go).

 Or you can look for bargains directly from the link bellow:

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Full gear list coming in 2004!