Jean-Philippe's Recommendations

People often ask me for equipment (photo, travel, sport), book and travel recommendations.
I started compiling this list of positive reviews for equipment that I use or have used. For the rare pieces of equipment listed here that I have not owned, I have researched thoroughly and would consider purchasing for myself. Although I do link to a few retailers or wholesalers from which I have purchased equipment and been satisfied, feel free to purchase from any retailer you choose. Some of these companies have sponsored me in the past or present. That relationship has had no bearing on my input (expedition sponsors and NGO Corporate Friends are listed on separate pages).


The Equipment I use

Camera (Bodies): Nikons, Nikons, Nikons...

  • Nikon F100 (The best Travel Pro Camera)

  • Nikon F5 (heavy & bulky but the best 35mm I know)

  • Nikon F80 (entry level or good backup)

  • Nikon N90S (old technology, but still a great entry level or back-up body)


  • Nikon AFS 80-200 f2.8 ED

  • Nikon AFS 17-35 f2.8 vs Tokina ATX 235 (20x35 f2.8)

  • Tokina ATX 280 (28x80 f2.8)

  • Nikon AF Nikor 50 f1.4 D

  • Nikon TC-20E (2x Teleconverter)


  • Nikon SB-28 & SB-80DX

  • Flash Accessories: LumiQuest Promax


  • B+W Circular Polarizer (B+W 77E KR1.5 1.1x)

  • B+W Circular Polarizer (B+W 77E KSM C-Pol)

  • B+W Circular Polarizer (B+W slim 77E C-Pol MRC for superwide angle zoom)

  • B+W 81B

  • And the other ones I almost never use...

Camera Bags

  • Lowepro Photo Trekker AW backpack (largest size accepted as a carry-on)
    Most people love the Pro Trekker. The only reason I chose the Photo Trekker instead is because the Pro Trekker is too big to take as carry-on with some airlines. If you fly a lot I recommend the Photo Trekker.

  • Lowepro Nature Trekker AW backpack (slightly smaller)

  • Lowepro Omni (Trekker/Extreme) inside a Lowepro or Pelican waterproof hard case for any water sports. The cases are bulky and heavy, but they offer the best protection for your equipment.

  • Pelican Cases
    Unbreakable, waterproof cases. Bulky and Heavy, but they offer the ultimate security.


  • Tripod

  • Batteries (A real good tip coming in July - Don't learn the hard way!)

  • Films (Fujichrome Velvia 50, Provia 100F, Provia 400F)

Scanner and Software

  • Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED (slide/negative scanner).

  • Photo Editing Software (Photoshop, Extensis Mask Pro and Portfolio, Pantone ColorVision Spyder with Optical

  • Website Design Software (Macromedia Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage).

  • DVDs and CDs (Blank Medias)

Where to buy?


 Detail information about each product coming in 2004