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Note: People often contact me and ask for book recommendations on various subjects, thus I have compiled this list. I own and/or have read all of these books and present reviews and ratings (five stars represent my favorites). I will add to this list over time and invite you to share with me your favorites as well. (I'm always looking for great recs. myself). Books from are at least 20% cheaper than any other bookstore I know. I encourage you to visit from one of the links on our page. On any purchase you make, our organization Native Planet will receive a small referral fee (your cost will be the same as if you had opened their site directly). This helps us defray maintenance costs for our website and supports our non-profit organization. To purchase a book just click on its title or cover, a link will take you to the right page on the Amazon website. You can return to our page to open another book from our selection. We hope you find our recommendations helpful.

The Central American Sea Kayak Expedition Book:

Turbulent Water:
Paddle in the Past with an Eye on the Future.
A book by Jean-Philippe Soule and Luke Shullenberger

Jean-Philippe Soule and Luke Shullenberger embarked on a three-year, 4,000-mile sea kayak expedition from Baja-California to the Darien Gap rainforest of Panama.

The pair paddled through storms and 8 to 12 foot waves in Baja, narrowly avoided injury in a shark attack in Belize, struggled with tropical heat, insects and malaria attacks in Honduras, escaped armed bandits in Nicaragua, nearly drowned at the border of Costa Rica, maneuvered through huge surf and shore breaks along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and survived an encounter with former Noriega henchmen in Panama. After creating two an award-winning educational site from material gathered during their time with traditional native groups: from the Mayans of Belize and Guatemala to the Miskito and Pech of Honduras to the Kuna, Ngobe, Embera and Wounan of Panama (, they are now ready to publish their fantastic journey.

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